The Team

Explorer: Francois Debains
Francois owns a master in Urban Planning – Sustainable Development and he has significant experience setting up and monitoring construction/renovation projects. Francois spends his free time exploring Copenhagen and its surroundings, and being an actor of the city development.
He has founded Urban Explorer Copenhagen in 2016. This new concept in Copenhagen is a combination of his passions: urban planning, architecture, photography, street art…

Logo designer: Genese

Communication manager: Pio Studio
Multidisciplinary creative agency founded by Delphine Piault and located in Copenhagen. They are in charge of the web design and the global visual communication strategy. Their knowledge of the city is definitely a plus.

Collaborators/Customers: Københavns Kommune, Roskilde Festival, Nikon, Christianshavn Lokaludvalg, Kulturtårnet, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Kulturhavn, 48 Timer Festival, Culture Østerbro NetworkNørrebro Lokaludvalg, Island Dynamics, Forlaget Forlæns, IndieFrame, Expat in DK, Distortion, Løs Market, Donkey Republic, Yann Cauquil Design, France Television, Meeting of Styles, Nordic Insite, Nørrebrohallen, Institut Francais du Danemark, Metroselskabet Byens Hegn, Institut for Urban Kunst, Copenhagen Street Art, Run For Cover, KIHOSKH, Morgan Design Studio, Fresh Connection, Crate – Beer and vinyl, Undergrunden, Danish Architecture Center, Denmark Art & Architecture, Urbextour