Urban Explorer Copenhagen (UECPH) has been created in 2016 in order to spotlight the innovative and alternative aspects of Copenhagen via different types of projects:

– The Urban Explorations will make you feel the essence of another Copenhagen. Our urban planner will take you to alternative parts of the city to give you a new and different perspective of the Danish capital. You can register to the next Explorations here. Or please call Francois (+45 28 87 75 51) or send him an email (

– Urban Explorer Copenhagen organizes several school projects such as introduction to the architecture and the urban development of Copenhagen, introduction to urban art, introduction to photography… All these projects combine tours, interventions in the classroom and workshops.

– UECPH collaborates with many festivals (Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Kulturhavn, 48timer Nørrebro, Meeting Of Styles…) as PR officer and/or tour manager.

– UECPH can assist you in your location scouting for your movie, videoclip, photo shooting… We know the place you are looking for!

– UECPH organizes treasure hunts, graffiti workshops and different team-building activities.

– UECPH is the curator of the Westend Walls in Copenhagen.

You can get an overview of some UECPH activities here: