– The Urban Explorations will make you feel the essence of another Copenhagen. Our urban planner will take you to alternative parts of the city to give you a new and different perspective of the Danish capital. Instagramers and others will bring back some eerie shots that will stand out from the Little Mermaid pictures.

You can register for the next Explorations here. 

– Urban Explorer Copenhagen works also in collaboration with some schools. We manage different kinds of projects such as introductions to the architecture, and the urban development of Copenhagen.

– UECPH has worked with many festivals (Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Kulturhavn, 48timer Nørrebro, Meeting Of Styles…) as PR officer and/or tour manager.

For more information or special requests , please call Francois +45 28 87 75 51 or send him an email (contact @ urbexplorer . dk).