Treasure Hunt // Swapfiets

Click HERE (or on the poster below) for the map 🙂

Free treasure hunt for all the students!!! With more than 12.000kr of Prizes to win!!! After the great enthusiasm generated by their previous hunts and several successful collaborations, Urban Explorer Copenhagen and Swapfiets organize a new treasure hunt in Copenhagen!!!

Thanks to the UECPH online map, you will be able to find ten inspiring places in Copenhagen and to solve our riddles:

– Find the 10 spots via the map
– Find the riddle padlocked on each spot (and take a photo of it)
– Send your answers (and your photos) to the 31st of August at the latest. A random draw amongst all the good answers will take place the 3rd of September.

Swapfiets will provide amazing prizes to the winners:

– 1st Prize: a 6 months subscription of the new e-bike “Power1” for 2 people. (Value: 7.200kr)
– 2nd Prize: a 3 months subscription of “Power1” for 2 people. (Value: 3.600kr)
– 3rd Prize: a 1 month subscription of “Power1” for 2 people. (Value: 1.200kr)

Swapfiets is a simple concept: for a fixed monthly fee you get a Swapfiets bicycle and they make sure your Swapfiets bicycle always works. Broken anyway? They provide you with a working bicycle whenever you want, where you want. And they are now launching their new electric bike “Power 1” in Copenhagen. And they also offer intro weeks to the new students.