Copenhagen UNESCO 2023

Click here or on the poster below for the map


Huge and free treasure hunt for all! After the great enthusiasm generated by its previous editions, UECPH arranges a new hunt in order to highlight some of the architectural gems of the city! This second hunt will be focused on nature in Copenhagen.

Three different Treasure Hunts will be organized in 2023 thanks to Københavns Kommune and World Capital of Architecture. This second one will be focused on nature in Copenhagen. 

You will find your way using a digital map that will guide you to 12 historical locations in Copenhagen. When you arrive at each location, you will have to find a padlock with an informative text and a riddle.

How to participate

  1. Find the 12 spots and their padlocked riddle thanks to our online map.
  2. Take one creative photo of each spot or its close surroundings
  3. Send your 12 answers and your 3 best photos to the 14th of August at the latest (and you will get the correct answers back)

The main goal is to make you (re)discover this amazing city from a different angle, and to learn some fun and interesting facts about Copenhagen and its architecture.

Download our map (the map will be available soon), grab your camera and explore some amazing places in Copenhagen! A random draw will be conducted to find the winners of some prizes to be won.

By sending your photos, you allow UECPH and Københavns Kommune to use the pictures with credits on their medias.