Book + DVD “Sky is the limit”

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Sky’s the limit, the painters of extreme », is the first book-movie about Néo-muralisme.

This international movement of monumental paintings transforms the facades of buildings into pieces of art, quite there requalifiant whole districts. This book is a log book which redraws five last years by the director Jérôme Thomas to document this new form of public art.

Discover incredible artists coming mainly from the graffiti as: Inti, Vhils, Borondo, Pantónio, Seth GlobePainter, Astro, Reka, Bordalo II, Katre and so many others. Directly from the urban tops, dive into the vertiginous adventures of a movie not as the others.

This book contains the DVD of the movie in long version (125 min) + bonuses. Texts in French. Teaser: